EleniPal Ceramics is a small ceramics studio based in Athens. All pieces are handmade by Eleni Palaiologou combining functionality with minimal and modern aesthetics.

“My first contact with clay was somehow random, when some years ago I was looking for a hobby. A week after the first lessons on the wheel I knew I wanted to spend more time working with clay and soon afterwards I decided that this was going to be my full time job some day!

I now have my own workshop where I spend most of my time creating old and new designs and experimenting on new glazes. Most of my work is focused on creating functional everyday objects like mugs, plates or bowls, but as soon as I find time I love making unique vases and other decorative pieces.

Working with clay is demanding and at the same time really fulfilling. It teaches you to be patient, to see the beauty in the details and embrace small imperfections as part of the process. But it also teaches you how to accept failure when something goes wrong in one of the many stages required to create a ceramic object.

My goal is to create objects that people will enjoy using and having in their homes, as much as I enjoy making them!”