Marblellous loves to see the marble everywhere. The company considers it extremely interesting to try to “translate” objects into the language of marble, especially objects that are hard to imagine to be made of marble.

Having always in mind the recycling of the material, uses the remnants of the production process of the marble factories in all its types, so that any “residue” of this so distinctive material takes on a role.

Each object is unique, since for each piece of marble there can not be another identical piece. So, Marblellous envisions the creation of a personal relationship of an object with its owner. The uniqueness of each object reminds us of different works of art. And this association is something that fascinates the company.

It presents useful, decorative items, furniture and jewelry, all made of marble.

One of its collections includes ornaments, tableware and decoration objects for Christmas, all handmade of white marble.

The sense of scale, weight and texture of the material is pleasantly reversed in the company’s Christmas collection as well as in all its products. Marble stops being treated as something heavy and cold and starts to acquire a lighter and “warmer” form.