Luminous Design Group created an invitation – poster for a family event, that on the one side communicates the event’s details, while on the other side it allows recipients to meet the family through pleasant infographics and information. The event was a joint wedding and christening of the couple’s youngest daughter, Ariadne. The project’s title corresponds to the date of the event, 28/12/14. The aim was to create a special invitation that would keep the balance between the three participants, i.e. the couple and their baby girl, so that they could have equal roles in the presentation. The party that followed was held at a warehouse of an old factory, so another objective was to maintain an industrial feeling in the design.

The designer’s source of inspiration, and a way to make end meets with regards to their objectives, was the use of a triangle shape. The initials of the participants’ names (A, D, A) also helped support the idea of the triangle, while the folder-box, excessive in size, reinforces the concept with its pyramidal shape. The use of craft materials, bookbinding paper for the envelope-box and paper made from potato crust, contributed to the creation of the required industrial feeling.