Bioaroma is a natural cosmetics brand from Crete, Greece. The company, founded by a Cretan couple, boasts a unique USP of 100% natural products based on research and Cretan archaeological findings.

The natural treasures of Cretan nature such as olive oil, beeswax, sage and many others are used to create a range of products that offer a holistic approach to overall wellness.

The components of the new brand concerned the following four themes: knowledge and expertise, Crete, care and innovation. Technology has made tremendous progress in the fields of cosmetology and skin care. However, nature knows best as there are still natural ingredients that remain integral in medicine, pharmacology and cosmetology. Bioaroma enjoys a great access to one of the greatest ecosystems in the world that remains untouched and offers generously to the world an abundance of natural ingredients.

The deep imprint of nature in beauty and skin care as well as in our wellness is where we drew inspiration from. It is the actual imprint of the natural ingredients themselves that is recorded and placed in a prominent position to underline the purity of the products and the simple manner nature offers all we need to enhance our wellness. The imprint of the natural herbs is as unique and pure as each of the products. The plant imprint is not used as decoration, it is placed on monochrom backgrounds and gives a hint for what awaits inside.

140 packages, 11 product categories, one organic global brand. Having a strong concept in place equipped us with the necessary creativity and flexibility to design 140 different packages for 11 product categories that ranged from: skin care and hair products to the children’ line and sun care. Each packaging has its own unique identity and it is wrapped around its own ingredients.

Brand Strategist: Olympia Aivazi

Images © Konstatinos Gikas