Anna Trympali designed the Corinne brand identity using sharp and clean design combined with handmade patterns and textures, underlining the uniqueness and naturalness of each of the company’s products. The materials used aim to blend together with the design and mainly consist of wood, paper, glass and as less plastic as possible.

Corinne Cosmetics’ mission is to create the most effective and high quality skin care, hand and naturally made, products using the most efficacious active ingredients around the world. The company’s name comes from Corinne, a lyric poet from Tanagra in Beotia, modern in appearance and perceptions, independent, liberal, social, deep thinking. She loved reading, occultism and astrology. Corinne Cosmetics’ inspiration is the nature and its precious treasures, which combined with passion, love, knowledge and responsibility, create natural, eff¬ective and innovative beauty and wellness products.