Caparo design crew was tasked with creating an introductory video for the Digital Design Category of the EBGE 2018 award ceremony.

ΕΒΓΕ (EBGE) are the Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards, a favorite institution among the Greek design community and industry since 1998. This 2D frame-by-frame animation was screened in the crowded Onassis Cultural Centre main auditorium.

The whole story is a surrealistic trip into the social media and digital world, where Facebook, Google, Messenger chats, hashtags, posts, insta-stories and more blend together and create a bizarre story, ending with the precious EBGE trophy. Caparo created a sense of irony regarding the control that the social media have on their users and the content of communication among users. The sexual angle and the funny clichés created this storytelling video, which was something between a poetic narrative and a video clip.

Its aim was more about expressing the spirit of observation and critique rather than disagreement or protest. The animation also included inside jokes, such as the award organizer himself presented as an e-commerce product.

Music / sound effects: musou music group