In the packaging design for Athens-based Elixir tea, Typical. Organization translated classic principals from the monumental tea culture in a new, grid-based tea ceremony. A dotted grid, inspired by the Elixir’s tea stick perforation, is used to assure a modernistic harmony and order promoting the purifying, calming and energizing effects of the teas. The new ceremony is preformed in the 3D projecting rooms of modern lifestyle, where we have a renewed relation with time and space, as the designers make an attempt to render the emerging virtual space into a real-time, heavily contrasted tea experience.

As Theo van Doesburg describes it in a few words: ‘… art and life are no longer separate domains. The word ‘art’ no longer has anything to say to us. In place of that, we [De Stijl] insist upon the construction of our surroundings according to creative laws, deriving from a fixed principle.’ — ‘Our time has produced a need for contrast. This has been achieved not only in the external appearance of plastic expressions of color and matter, but also, and chiefly, in the tempo of life and in the techniques related to the daily, mechanical functions of life; namely standing, walking, driving, to lying and sitting – in short, every action which determines the content of architecture.’