Caparo design crew chose characters that reflect the core of the brand’s culture which is people, everything around them and food. Based on the department of each space they created small stories and characters that appear in different contexts and have random messages.

The lobby, the restaurant, the finance department and the call centre are just few examples that worked as a reference for the ‘foodie’ characters to be born. The illustrations reflect the energy and the values of efood with a nerdy sense of humour, inspired from the Social Media and other sources like: technology, hype culture, food, pop culture and human traits. Many hidden and tiny images can be found around the place and specific characters often appear more then once in different actions. This way the graphics almost become a version of an experimental modern comic.

efood, member of Delivery Hero, is the leader online food delivery in Greece with an active network of 6,500 stores serving 60 countries. FORMrelated architectural studio was responsible for the impressive and contemporary design of their new space in Athens.

Architectural design / construction @ FORMrelated
Printing production @Boks
Photos @ Konstantinos Gikas