ERTHE, a medieval word meaning earth, is the name we came up with, for an Athenian concept store operating as an organic Café, Bakery, Grocery and Eatery.

The store’s interior design is all about contemporary minimalism. Wood, metal and wicker harmoniously create a soothing environment of practical elegance, able to evolve into a cozy hangout spot for everyone. High aesthetics in an understated context is the ultimate goal.

The inspiration behind the packaging design derives from the top view of a field. The abstract depiction of the ground, as seen from above, with black lines crossing it seamlessly, creates a strong bond with the natural, earthy narrative on which the brand identity is based. In an equally linear way, we designed an info system -built into the key visual- that allows the product to present its features, again, as if amidst a carefully ploughed piece of land.

Artworks: George Tserionis

Images © Giagkos Papadopoulos