Take your bag and wander in the SNFCC premises; starting from the Agora, you will have the chance to discover different SNFCC areas and the Stavros Niarchos Park before reaching your final destination: the SNFCC Lighthouse.

  • Walking in the Sun

The countdown begins when students open the School Bag “Walking in the Sun” and reveal all useful material for their tour in the SNFCC external premises. It’s time for exploration!

In an open and sunny place, such as the SNFCC and the Stavros Niarchos Park in particular, students discover everything about the sun and its positive impact on our life. They measure the temperature of multiple objects with special equipment, and they understand the meaning of orientation and how it is defined by the presence and direction of the Sun. Students play with light and shadow, creating shapes and forms that inspire them to craft their own “stories of the Sun”. Moreover, they understand the concept of evaporation by doing experiments, and the importance of solar energy for the SNFCC canopy, our city and our lives.

It is recommended that the program takes place in morning hours due to favorable weather conditions (sunny day and relevantly low temperatures) that enable the smooth realization of activities.

  • Discovering Architecture

The countdown begins when students open the School Bag “Discovering Architecture” and reveal all useful material for their tour in the SNFCC external premises. It’s time for exploration!

Students get acquainted with the SNFCC architecture through various activities. They observe how other visitors interact with the SNFCC, where they go and in which activities they engage with. They do the same for themselves. They start interacting with the place, counting distances, comparing sizes, familiarizing themselves with textures and shapes, and synthesizing their own architectural design, inspired by the SNFCC architecture.

They follow different paths in the Stavros Niarchos Park, enhancing their orientation and becoming more aware of the SNFCC location in relation to other landmarks of Athens city. Through active participation, team work and play, they understand the concept of architecture, experience true knowledge, and boost their creativity and team work spirit.

The program takes place all year. Teachers can borrow the school bag every day, from Monday to Sunday, 09.00-19.00 and implement the program within the scheduled hours. To implement the program, teachers are asked to first make a reservation of a school bag, and then pick up the bag with the educational material at the SNFCC and run the program. In order to reserve a seat, you may contact us at schools@snfcc.org or by phone at 2168091005.

The program “Exploring SNFCC” is free and open to all schools, thanks to an exclusive grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

Xara Marantidou, the designer of the SNFCC educational material, lives and works in Athens. A visual artist, architect and designer, she is involved in the composition, design and implementation of creative projects covering different aspects of the visual arts. She is a graduate of the NTUA School of Architecture and the Athens School of Fine Arts. In the past, she has lived and worked as an architect in Paris, while from 2001 she has been a founding member of the architectural firm klab architects. She illustrates, writes and creates books, games and educational material for the Museum of Cycladic Art, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, as well as for schools and publishing houses. At the same time, by creating group visual projects, she explores a different point of view in the educational process. In her work, she always combines the rational thinking of the architect with the creative freedom of the artist.

Images © Mariza Kapsabeli