Mousegraphics designed the brand identity and packaging applications for this top-quality honey, in a way that highlights its purity and conveys its unique advantages. Foodcross targets sophisticated consumers who look for quality products, in the already highly-competitive Greek and foreign honey markets. This is Greek honey distinguished for its extremely high concentration of thyme pollen grains (80%). A rare, natural product of an eco-conscious process, meant to be offered in numbered and signed vases. Mousegraphics developed the logo design as a careful pairing of cross-shaped lettering (brand name) and the image of a bee, designed by the internationally known illustrator Si Scott. The elongated glass vessel is covered on its upper part and toped by the brand identity elements and relevant information, in a way that allows the synthesis specifics and the collector’s data (number) to be clearly visible even when the top is removed. Black, white and red dominate the packaging design, in an alternative reference to a pharmaceutical/cosmetics language.