Helleo originates in the island of Crete, proudly producing high quality, pure and natural artisanal products based on the olive oil. Manos Lipakis established Helleo back in 2013 with a vision of redefining simplicity and naturalness to people from all different ages, cultures and backgrounds.

The whole project involves the joint effort of a few particular farmers, producers, designers, consultants and programmers who share the same vision and create in cooperatively something unique.

Helleo introduces 6 blends of 100% natural soap bars and 5 blends of 100% natural versatile room fragrances. Each blend has its own strong personality and is made with cold process in small batches from organic and only local raw ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, thyme honey, red wine, black beer and wild herbs. Only recycled materials are used in packaging, while waste is almost zero.

The production process is carried out by Manos and his team, from the olive trees planting till the final touch in the packaging.

Graphics @Till Noon

Images @Nikolas Leventakis