Marios Karystios designed the brand identity for Nostos wines, produced by the Manousakis Winery in Greece, by portraying the story of its founder on the labels of the winery’s six flagship wines. The series was named Nostos (nostalgia) as reference to the life journey of Ted Manousakis. The design also represents the notions of heritage, family tradition, organic cultivation and passion for wine, which are the pillars of the winery’s growth, vision and quality. Ted’s story accentuates the winery’s commitment to sustainability and quality.

More specifically, the first label illustrates Dimitris Manousakis, Ted’s father. The second label depicts Ted as a young boy in Vatolakkos with a bike that he had rented for one day. Next, we see the actual boat that took young Ted from Greece to the US, where he migrated in 1955. The following label represents Manousakis’ three daughters through three Narcissus flowers – “Manousakia” in Cretan dialect. The final two labels depict Ted’s first organic vineyards in 1993 and his winery in the village of Vatolakkos. This unique story is presented in the winery’s branding in a neat style, from the label itself to the design of the website, by using special materials, papers and printing techniques.

Illustration: Antonis Choudalakis
Photography: Giorgos Anastasakis