“Tribute to Emotions” is an experimental project, on turning emotions into emotionally charged books. Miltos Bottis started the project by combining his love for collecting stories with documenting situations and concepts. Emotions came in as the theme, after seeing several publications and projects, approaching them from different perspectives. Tribute to Emotions, contains a lot of research, both in theory and practice, documentation of people’s stories based on their memories of emotionally charged moments and a lot of experimentation both in translations of these stories into images and in applying these images in print.

It resulted in four books, each one based on one of the following basic emotions: Fear, Anger, Anticipation, Surprise. Chosen from Robert Plutchik’s theory and helped by Charles Darwin’s conclusions on the expression of emotions, each resulted in a publication expressing it from many different aspects while using several production and printing techniques. More info on the project can be found on the following link: cargocollective.com/tte.

Photos: Dimitra Gkionte