Noble and Lore is a novel shopping experience of all-natural, ethically sourced cbd wellness products.

“Based on the slogan “Refined by nature, wise by tradition” we designed a corporate identity and a packaging series that hold the values of a long-established and refined brand that is focused on the excellent quality of its products and the knowledge it offers to its customers.”

A PROJECT BY is an international visual practice led by creative directors Ann Trympali and Yan Petris. Working from Athens and Berlin, Ann and Yan founded A PROJECT BY in 2018 aiming to build a hybrid creative platform that brought together their perceptive and curious way of seeing the world with rigorous methods of observation, ideation and production.

Branding, Packaging & Creative Direction: Ann Trympali, Yan Petris

Brand Strategy & Naming: Olympia Aivazi

Art Direction & Photography: Vivian Peramaki

3D Rendering: Dimitris Sakkas

Typeface: Maison Neue Extended by Milieu Grotesque