Olive Era™ is a Greek skincare company whose products utilize Greek bio olive oil as it’s main ingredient. The range includes a wide spectrum of products covering skin treatment and hair care as well as aromatherapy and hotel amenities.

“The client’s need was a fresh and fragrant, yet grounded identity instead of traditional or classic. More utilitarian – less ornamental. Olive oil based cosmetics is a saturated market in Greece so the need for differentiation was essential.

Gold color, olive trees, leaves etc. consist a cliche. We applied a “common practice” method in the cosmetics field developing a typographic system, using the information as the core identity element. The brand’s signature fragrances inspired us to use a muted pastel color palette, communicating freshness and diversity and to achieve a “natural look & feel” connoting olive oil and natural ingredients, we used mostly recycled papers.

Additional specialized series are developed including Kids series, Caviar Elixirs, Sun care, Athens Spirit Edition and more.”