Luminous Design Group was asked to redesign the visual identity for an all-day café bar-restaurant, located at the Old Port of Mykonos, with the request to highlight the already given brand name, Pelican.

For the brand identity, they put the concept of continuity as their main influence since the place opens at first light and stays open till the early morning hours, thus making a connection to the constant succession between the sun and the moon. Triggering the brand name, for the design of the logotype they kept the symbol of a pelican – an emblematic figure of Mykonos for more than 30 years – as a representative element while restructuring its form into an abstract example of perpetual motion.

To communicate the place’s flair they created a system of graphic elements, used in gold tones, in addition to the use of a color palette that represents splendour. Contrasting typefaces were selected to consummate a contemporary composition. Utilising the building’s arches, they created visuals that underline even further the impression of continuity, while for the signage they followed a simple yet lucid approach, as the requirements of the local area demand a certain way of implementation.