Regal is an elegant and vibrant serif typeface designed by Parachute that incorporates several distinct elements blended with classic forms and is ideal for magazine editorials.

It was initially designed for an international woman fashion magazine and later revamped and redesigned for commercial use, evolving into a type system with five related type families. According to the brief, the typeface had to be elegant, luxurious, sexy, vibrant, reflect the female sensitivity and take into consideration a modern woman who is more proud, more connected, more spontaneous, open-minded and eager to try a whole host of new products and services.

Targeting this consumption-wise and well-educated woman required a typeface that is not strictly based on classic forms, but rather one that incorporates several distinct elements and letterform shapes that express a modern woman’s personality and the products she consumes. The end result is a typeface that emphasizes femininity but also reflect both the romantic as well as the dynamic side of the female personality.

The Regal type system comprises 47 weights from regular to ultra black, supports simultaneously Latin, Cyrillic and Greek and comes with many alternate glyphs. Since its first release, it has received 9 international awards and distinctions, including the prestigious Grand Prix 2012 from Red Dot Awards.

For over a decade, Parachute has provided custom and corporate font services for high profile international and local customers such as Bank of America, European Commission, UEFA, Samsung, Ikea, Alpha Bank, Financial Times, Kraft Foods, National Geographic.

Designer: Panos Vassiliou

Published by: Parachute®