Naming, brand identity and packaging design for a newly established microbrewery “Malt ‘n Marvel” based on the Greek island of Santorini by AG Design Agency.

“The first two products of the new Santorini brewery are targeted to the local market, one with a huge percentage of tourists from all over the world every year; an extremely broad audience, with no brand loyalty. Based on these facts we wanted to create a product that would stand out from the brewery crowd, with a name and a brand identity that highlights the uniqueness of Santorini, but a product that is also fun, because, after all, drinking beer is fun too!

The branding idea came out of an ancient Greek myth about Santorini having been formed out of a miracle. The ancient Greeks had invented an imaginary story over the creation of Santorini island, a story that is connected to the Argonaut expedition and speaks of bravery, beauty and marvel. Today, with its breathtaking beauty and raw intensity, Santorini is the one giving its visitors a mythical experience. Malt & Marvel was created to elevate that experience by inviting people to be part on a journey that erupts with intrepid charm and vibrant flavours. A journey filled with extraordinary images, golden malts, dolphins, rogue waves, elegant ladies lying under the magnificent sun, a volcano-man, a ship arriving at the port.”

Creative Direction: Alexandros Gavrilakis

Naming & Strategy: Olympia Aivazi

Illustration:  Renata Krasovskaja

Animation:  Dionisis Senopoulos