“Blue means summer, fish, uniqueness. We’ve been working with Mr. Parliaros for years – a relationship that has covered a full range of seasonal chocolate packaging – from an eclectic and refined luxury approach to naive and unique subjective particularities.

Central to our work with Stelios is to faithfully interpret his creative culinary abilities across a variety of paper box formats relevant to the audience and specified business challenges. Critically, that has meant considerable strategic and creative effort in the areas of his presence in retail. In the creative field and for this summer, we created by hand with colorful wooden pencils some strongly fine-lined illustrations.

Eyes and fishes, mixed. Underwater fishes with widely-open eyes, sunken in a chocolate ocean. Our approach was to create an earthy but fresh identity that brings together the childish and the playful — a combination inherent in his beliefs.

Beautiful simplicity and creative optimism with a strong Greek ultramarine aesthetic, perfectly printed on the paper, a highlighted positive energy, just as the Greek summer promises.”

Images © Apostolis Koukousas | Studio 46