Showcasing refined luxury in every facet of our surroundings, Two Is Company design studio introduces its first integrated collections for lighting and decorative objects, expanding its international reach and product portfolio. The Two Is Company design concept is thematically diverse taking ancient Greek patterns, symbols and structures and redefining them within a modern context. Geometry, precision and austere sensuality are the common denominators of the brand’s wide product range, also expressed prominently in its new collections.

The Krios Collection is a spectacular line of angular hand mirrors transforming the legacy of archetypal artifacts. Made from solid bronze in eight distinct geometrical shapes, each Krios piece is portable and alluring, becoming a personal object attached to daily routine and reflecting a bright sense of living.

The Lychnos Collection takes the relationship with light in a new dimension. Consisting of sculptural lamps, table lamps and candleholders, this series pays tribute to visible light as captured by the human eye with a wide range of white surfaces, while also incorporating the firm’s trademark bronze grids in impressive Spartan symmetries. Each object is a geometric homage to the photon concept, an elementary particle that burns bright with energy.

The Anaktai Collection, named after the ancient Greek word ‘Anaktoro’ – meaning palace – is a home ware line featuring plateaux, vases, coasters and bookends in bronze and marble, elegantly showcasing the Two Is Company craftsmanship in all its treasured splendor. ‘Anaktoro’ was not a single structure for royals, but rather a residential complex incorporating workshops, temples, housing and public spaces. Similarly, The Anaktai Collection is an extensive definition of homeware, a series of carefully conceived objects, designed to fulfill both functional and aesthetic elements of life.

Two Is Company was founded in 2009 by industrial designer Dianna Karvounis and architect Vivian Philippa, who manage every stage of the design process from concept to production. The design duo proposes an eclectic range of handmade luxury furniture, seating, lighting, rugs and decorative objects all of which can be customized upon request, and in addition undertakes larger scale projects. Aiming to evolve constantly, the studio encapsulates its established quality values in three new and diverse lighting and decorative objects collections, which will have a targeted presence apart from Two Is Company’s showroom and private clientele. The firm’s essence is Greek but it echoes a worldwide appeal, collaborating with renowned international architects and interior designers and having its creations showcased in private residences in London, Paris, Rome and New York.