Lavatoy is a Greek studio that creates handmade ceramic products drawing its inspiration from local tradition, history and organic materials of nature. Shapes, colors, patterns, symbols, technique and natural raw materials are harmoniously synthesized to produce ceramic molds of special aesthetics and daily use. Lavatoy consists of the potter Nikos Katsoulas and a team of designers.

“Our logo is a copy of a minimal-shaped clay figure of the Neolithic era of Elateia, a small ancient city in the center of Central Greece, at the foot of mount Parnassus and adorns our creations as a logo of minimalism and local culture.

The soil silently composes the magic of the world.

Grey, anthracite, beige as well as various shades of terracotta, with reference to the Greek land and the volcanic landscape, are the colors which Lavatoy prefers for most of its products. Special is also our love for the white color of ice and purity, which lets the gaze wander in the light. The blue of the sea and the color of the lava complete the color palette utilized by Lavatoy for the ceramic objects’ shaping.

We draw our inspiration from the contrast of the primitive material (clay) with modern functionality, to produce a useful, warm familiar and the same time impressive product. With an emphasis on the tradition of the bucolic and Mediterranean landscape, rustique culture, minimalism perspective and strong personal style we create handmade catering items, serving utensils and decorative object, each of which is unique and special.

Streaming soil, lava taking shape, solidifies, acquires durability and becomes utensil, essential item, decorative material or original gift, playing with the moods of the moment in defiance of the wear of time.”