Mud Lab is a pottery workshop based in downtown Athens, just a couple blocks away of the very own neighbourhood, in which its founder Elia Lampiri, was born and raised.

The Lab, established in the heart of the city, has the vibes of contemporary urban aesthetics. Always being passionate about Arts and Design and having worked as a Graphic Designer for several years, Elia started taking pottery lessons when she discovered her love for earthy raw materials and their ability to be transformed into works of art. The Lab specializes in unique ceramic dinnerware, with outstanding collaborations with Michelin Awarded restaurants and acclaimed chefs.

“For us, the contribution to the creation of a unique experience and the actualization of the chef’s vision, is a magical, endless journey that we enjoy every single time. Coming up with new ideas, creating customized projects from scratch to the maximum quality standards is our passion.”

Apart from dinnerware, Mud Lab also creates unique ornamental objects sculpted with the endless creative possibilities of clay.

Mud Lab is our shelter, the center of the procreation and our passion. And as they say, when you find a job you enjoy doing, you will never work another day in your life.

Images @ Yiamouris Studio