“My ceramics have come alive through the marriage of old and new. My inspiration is a connection of traditional and contemporary everyday style. The colours and the forms find a place in all different environments.

The lase has a spatial connection with our grandparent’s generation where small doilies were placed on every flat surface in their house. Beautiful designs that could become overwhelming found the perfect translation on clay and items that can be used every day or become a centrepiece on a table.

The lines are inspired by traditional Greek ceramics. White and blue terracotta, colours seen in most traditional Greek potteries. The repetitive lines create a motive that is inspired by fields seen from above. The geometric recreation of the lines is inspired by the plantations of Greek islands and slopes in the mainland.

I’m mostly hand-making my work out of slabs formed in moulds or by using the wheel. I usually fire in low and middle temperatures and decorate with slips, stains and glazes.”