The Naxos Apothecary is all about Naxos-island-heritage, precious Greek herbs, the science of Homeopathy and statement design.

The oldest Herbal Pharmacy of Athens, named KORRES Pharmacy back in 1991, is now part of the more-vivid-than-ever Athens city centre. THE NAXOS APOTHECARY offers a unique experience to anyone wishing to dive deep into the secrets of herbs, while also introducing an enchanting product collection infused with extracts of Naxian origin.

THE NAXOS APOTHECARY brings together Homeopathy and Phytotherapy with the uniqueness of Greek herbs and natural cosmetics. Homeopathy remedies, tailor-made natural skincare solutions, Greek products of high nutritional value, as well as personalized food supplements are all part of the products and services offered in this one-of-its-kind combination of a herbal pharmacy and a concept store, right at the heart of the city. The island of Naxos becomes a point of reference as various elements within the space ‘narrate’ the culture and history of the Cycladic island, while organic herbs growing in its soil are used to develop the tailor-made face creams of The Naxos Apothecary product collection, featuring also a set of five fragrances inspired and named after some of its most breathtaking villages. THE NAXOS APOTHECARY aims to become a meeting point for health scientists, researchers and organic farmers alike, through a series of workshops and seminars dedicated to herbs, Homeopathy, natural cosmetics and nutrition.

The exposed labs is one of the most astounding features of THE NAXOS APOTHECARY architectural design. Visitors and those passing by become unintentionally observers of the preparation of the herbal remedies, of the plant extracts and oils, in these state-of-the-art labs on display. Once inside, the minimal industrial design, the prevailing white colour, the inventive combination of metal and wood are the key elements that make this space extraordinary. Several materials used link back to Naxos folk architecture, in what can be interpreted as a perfect balance between the authenticity and poetry of a Greek island of the Aegean Sea with the strict scientific profile of the lab area.

THE NAXOS APOTHECARY invites all in, to sit around the big wooden table with the vintage classroom chairs that dominates the space, and discover – with the help of the specialized team – the fragrances, the face creams, the soaps, the candles, the galenic preparations and the Greek organic herbs that can address different needs and concerns. But that’s not all there is; if a decorative object – all designed by young, talented designers – catches your eye, you can purchase this as well; from the minimal metal tables displayed in the showcase to the brown glass vases reminiscent of old-school pharmacies, the imaginative ceramics and the sculpted tiles.

Packaging Design: The Backyard Lab

THE NAXOS APOTHECARY, 3-5 Kolokotroni & Voulis Str., Athens, Greece