The main source of inspiration for “Mute”, the Spring/Summer 2016 collection of designer Athina Korda, is the ultramarine serenity between the disarming shapes of the ocean. The intensity of the waves and their course towards the shore is imprinted in the intensity of the vast dimension of the black color. The color palette continues with raf and blue and concludes with off white, which captures the color of the sand, the sand on which the waves are “erased”. The textiles are soft in order to give a sensation of freedom and to allow the body to move and breathe effortlessly. The geometrical patterns and the severe cuts, which are the key characteristics of all the collections of the designer, remain apparent. All the above create a unique combination that reflects the antithesis of the elements that compose the ocean. An ocean which simultaneously combines serenity with incredible momentum. In other words, the collection reflects a serene force that is identified with the woman of today. A woman who enjoys this collection during the whole day, from early morning to late evening, either in the city or in an island.