Parthenis’ Spring-Summer 2015 collection strikes a personal note in tune with the brand’s timeless philosophy, aiming to create favorite articles of clothing, which can stand the test of fashion. Although the brand is most known for its jerseys, it introduces denim and cotton pinstripes not only as a staple of one’s wardrobe, but also as the starting point of a creative journey. The result is androgynous looks that can be worn by both men and women.

However, this collection does not lack in femininity. Bare shoulders, backs and midriffs evoke the kind of woman that can be both ethereal and earthy. The kind of woman that can dance all night and suddenly walk out the door and disappear to spend the day alone at the beach because she chooses to. This collection is also about freedom and looseness. It is not only the clothes themselves, which are loose, but the essential mood of the collection evokes relaxed holiday moments and wild nights.

The designer perseveres with effortlessness and the use of natural fibers. The colors are bright but tainted. Fluid jerseys in blue and green jewel hues and geranium red complement classic navy, and white. The Parthenis summer collection remains true to the brand’s unquestionable concept of timeless simplicity and effortless cool. Inspired by the brand’s own history, this collection addresses fashionable women of today in the same manner that it has for the last three decades.

Photos: Bill Georgousis