The “Gemini Constellation” AW15 collection of MYKSA, an upcoming designers brand based in Athens, consists of high quality faux furs in a great variety of colors, easy to wear and suitable to many different female body and style types. It’s inspired by the double nature of humans, which makes them balance between good and bad. Balance which brings mental and spiritual serenity. The epitome of this double nature – Castor and Polydeuces – are worthy muses of the project. Their brotherly love and friendship was rewarded by god Zeus, who made them two bright stars in the Constalation of Gemini. Shining next to each other, forever.

Inspired by the concept of the homonymous fashion and poetry blog, all the eco furs of MYKSA are accompanied by a poem written on each label. The brand believes that fashion and poetry are intertwined art forms. The powerful voice of the poets, comes to describe the individuality of personal style and to praise diversity, through stylistic choices, as a timeless way of expression and a form of personal interactive art, fully exposed to the recipients. The creators of MYKSA and creative directors are Angeliki Kotronis (Fashion Designer/Artist) and Angeliki Ntaoutis (Fashion Stylist/Blogger). The Brand approaches fashion with a subversive, almost nihilistic way and rejects traditional concepts and attitudes of fashion.

We were born by love. The love between the god* and Lyda[]
We are children- twins.
We are gods of the light.
We are siblings.
We hold great love for each other.
We are described as solar gods-of loyalty, gentility, fellowship, virtue and circular nature of things.
You named us [gema+gemab]

_We are Dioscuri[]

Hymns were written for us.

Photography: Danai Issaris

Styling/Illustrations:Myksa Team

Model: Maria Theano Zouboulaki