Lommer comes as an acronym from the words LOve Materials MEet Requirements.

The product designers behind the brand, Danai Gavrili & Alkioni Matsourdeli, started working on industrial materials & concepts since 2014 and they officially launched Lommer as a company in 2015, when they managed to have a unique version of the E.V.A. material, produced under their specific requirements. The material is lightweight, durable, waterproof, recyclable, non-toxic & vegan, characteristics that every Lommer product acquires instantly. The designs get complete after combining E.V.A. with other pioneering materials such as seatbelts, sailing ropes, metallic chains and PVC handles. All the materials above come together in an unusual way, by snap buttons, fact that drives to eye-catching design.

By giving a new dimension to the bag and focusing on timeless design, Lommer has already been awarded twice with Design Awards. The first was a Silver A’ Design Award in April 2016 (Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Category) for the tote bag, EvaTwo. In May 2018 came the second international distinction, an International Design Award 2017 for the remarkable backpack, EvaPack.

With attention to detail and always having in mind the high quality of the products, they design every part of each product carefully, from the smallest part of every bag to the packaging. That’s also why Lommer products are made in Greece, in house, by happy hands.

To complete the Lommer experience, some of the brand’s products come with extra parts, such as lids and straps,  that the bag owner can easily change on their own according to their style and mood.

Images ©Theo Pantazis

Model: Anna Nova

Makeup & Hairstyle: Kristel Toma