m.k.e was founded in 2014 by the textile designer magdalini.kleio.eftaxiopoulou. Her passion for expressing her emotions through her designs and after screen-printing them on a variety of fabrics, led her to develop m.k.e., her life project. A brand full of patterns specialized in limited edition silk scarves and unisex accessories.

Bold geometric shapes with abstract elements are mixed together to create contradictions and tell a story. They are sometimes based on black and white shades and other times on colourful combinations. Her compositions seek inspiration in the Greek imaginaries: in the man-made architectural forms as well as in our natural environment, the land and the sea.

Pen, ink and tempera compose Magdalini’s primary artworks, although she often tries to embody other mediums such as ecolines, tissue and textured papers. She frequently uses photography to translate her understanding of space, either through the combination of layers or the development of small structures leading to three dimensional optical illusions, depths and textures. These unique patterns are transferred digitally to a diversity of fabrics – greek silk, cotton, polyester – for the creation of the limited edition collections of the brand.

Her latest collection “Peloponnese” was inspired by a road trip she did in Messenia and Mani in 2019. Three dynamic elements – the olive leafs, the wheat, the pebbles – come together to create compositions and highlight the beauty of the Greek landscape. Bold repeated patterns and compositions play with different scales creating layers in the tones of green, ochre and gray for a timeless result.

The collection includes silk airy scarves in 7 different patterns, clutches with metallic details and soft beach towels. Each product borrows its name from different areas of Peloponnese. “Messenia” with the rich olive groves, “Laconia” with the wild beaches, covered with big white pebbles, “Elis” with the wheat fields and “Arcadia” where its geographical relief contains of all the above.

The photoshoot of the campaign took place in villages of Arcadia and it brings a harmonious result between the collection and the raw beauty of nature, the feeling of the village and the nostalgia for our origins with a modern twist.

Images © Yannis Fragos