‘Pin Board’ philosophy is based on endless possibility of change & sustainability. Usually variety comes with a cost to “slow fashion practices”. Or maybe not? With ‘PinBoard’ innovative concept you can change your look without even having to change clothes. Natural textiles and up-cycled materials are used for producing a variety of looks that are designed to live many years.

How it works:

‘Pin Board’ is consisted of various garments (Boards) and extra parts (Pins) that can be added to the Boards. Different Pins can be matched to various Boards. For example you can buy one skirt for this season but ending up with many by adding various layers of textiles and shapes to various places of your skirt with just two clicks (Boards and Pins are attached one to the other with snap buttons). Or you can have one jacket but change the look of it whenever you want by adding different collars. Boards and Pins are bought separately but each Pin can be combined with more than one Boards.

Visit the Pin Board section in Eating the Goober’s e-shop and make the combinations that will stand out this winter!

Images © Petros Dellatolas & Gina Apostolopoulou