The Wooppers are unique, handcrafted, 100% woolen slippers that have been designed to offer a visual, tactile and ‘felt’ pleasure. They are the product of an ancient hand craft, used for creating an everyday, contemporary object. The popular Dual and Dual Black Wooppers collection features two colors, one enclosing another. Pure, dyed wool is worked with soapy water into felt, an unwoven fabric. The result is soft, comfortable shoes for indoor use with no seems. They maintain wool’s unique properties, being insulating, breathable and odor repellent, thus becoming the most hygienic comfort for the feet. Color is used structurally to produce the designs. In the Dual collections, the inner color is perceived as the liner. The fibers of the two differently colored layers intermingle and produce rich hues. This season, Dual was enriched with purples and greens and Dual Black features eight different color combinations.

Wooppers are the latest project of Chryssa Adrakta, a product designer who believes that objects we use in daily life have a certain effect on our mood. Feeling comfortable and cherished at home, enjoying simple pleasures is a blessing in life and Wooppers can positively contribute to that.

Images © Chryssa Adrakta