Calling to mind the connective power of masculine and feminine wardrobe, Yiorgos Eleftheriades’ SS17 collection creates and explores the rules of a game which invites the sharp visualizer-wearer play with fluent strictness and the
suggestiveness of Neo-romanticism. The equilibrium of the sartorial plot is defined through signature Eleftheriades geometrical shapes outlined by soft volumes and cinched waistlines. As an alternative to these, the collection offers suit jackets intricately paired with oversized pants and graphic print skirts. Among the scholastic tailoring of crepe, satin on silk, diagonal organza and cotton tricolines, Y.E SS17 introduces monochrome linen and Irish melange.

The colour assemblage is a further powerful element of the SS17 embodying both style and intellect: Golden yellow and burning Sienna are complemented by Lavender or Black and White as with the SS117 style mark graphic Zebra print. The multiple levels of colour structures subsequently present melange linen in copper tones and “dirty gold” hues next to embroidered cotton muslin.

Yiorgos Eleftheriades SS17 sartorial intentions materialise a collection which encourages multiple combinations between the clothes thus enabling a diverse discussion of originality involving the wearer in a game of creative synthesis.

The collection’s form remains true to the distinct spirit of YE design philosophy since the spring of his career, as each and every piece of the collection can be worn 24/7 achieving a “narration with dialogue”. The designer’s imprint is perceptible in the new luxury aesthetic developed by the clothing details of the SS17 which evoke an undiluted sense of essential timelessness and pure innovation.