/The Polaris project explores the opening of Arctic region to commercial development through the utilization of land and water, in a lyrical and poetic way/

Arctic is a place that fulfils our utopian pursuits and projections, a place of longing and adventure, where the landscape is frozen and humans struggle to survive in an area without agricultural potentials.

However, things have started to transmute. In the age of the Anthropocene, where according to the scientists human activity permanently is changing the planet, the human impact becomes more and more apparent on Earths’ ecosystems. We are all witnessing in the Arctic, a region deeply influential over the rest of the planet a radical change over the last thirty years. Temperatures are rising at twice the global rate and the Arctic sea ice has shrunk. It is a matter of wonder for how long we will be able to describe the Arctic as a frozen, unknown white place.

These environmental changes are bringing together economic potentials and developing plans, which have already started to occur in the area: emergence of new trading sea routes, Arctic cities with growing importance, exploitation of gas and oil reserves, intense military presence etc.