Korres x The Greek Foundation hair comb

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KORRES Recycle Lab


Ethically-made hair comb from 100% recycled plastic, featuring a minimal, useful, wide-toothed design, kinder to hair and the earth. Perfect for everyday use and all hair types.

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Striving towards a circular life cycle, KORRES Recycle Lab helps packaging waste find a new purpose as recycled material. For this comb, PP & PE plastic, collected from empty cosmetic containers in multiple hues, was melted down to form the marbled effect, turning waste into a useful, everyday object. Following a path to a better future. Saving the planet, one comb at a time. Designed in exclusive collaboration with The Greek Foundation.

A portion of the profits will go to Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation – a non-profit, non-governmental organization researching and defending the biodiversity of the Greek seas. The initiative aims to raise awareness of the increasing threats to biodiversity in the Northeastern Mediterranean. Archipelagos paves the way for the protection of the seas, playing a vital role in the conservation of wildlife and ecosystems in the Greek seas and islands.

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Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 21 × 2.5 × 5 cm

KORRES Recycle Lab

Through a solid Return Your Empties program, KORRES Recycle Lab collects packaging waste and turns it into something useful. A processing line of sorting, washing, melting, and shaping to molds -designed by the KORRES Design Lab-, transforms empties into beautiful, functional design items. KORRES Recycle Lab is all about sustainability and giving back. It’s a path to a cleaner planet, a choice to live with ethos and in harmony with nature.