The project is the creation of a contemporary restaurant within the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens. SNFCC is one of the most prominent cultural institutions in the country which showcases and supports an important part of the local artistic production. It is a hub of ideas and a leading figure within the artistic scene both within and beyond Greece’s borders. […]

In southern Crete, opposite Psiloritis overlooking historic Matala and the Libyan Sea, is the village of Listaros. In this unique point of the prefecture of Heraklion, at a point higher than the village, we present two multi-family vacations homes, which combined with the dramatic landscape and the sea view are a peaceful shelter with emblematic design. […]

This 120 sq.m. apartment is situated at the centre of Athens, in the beautiful neighbourhood of Mets near the historical Kallimarmaro Stadium. The apartment is on the 1st floor of a listed building which is a great example of post-war Athenian Architecture and was originally designed by Vasileios Kassandras architect in the 1930s. […]

Situated on the mountains of Pindus in Northern Greece, Metsovo is a small town known for its association with high altitude, low temperature nomadic life. As a location, it provides a different perspective to the image one might have of Greece, away from sun, summer as well as seas, and instead, it is an authentic winter milieu. This fall/winter 2021 Zeus+Dione collection takes its references from this mountain locale with a rich regional dress heritage and a longstanding culture of weaving. […]

Pera Perou’s name reflects all that this seaside oasis has to offer. Literally meaning ‘from here to there and everything in between,’ this haven offers whatever the heart desires.  It is both a private, quiet refuge offering stunning panoramic sea views while being only a stone’s throw away from the shops, restaurants and nightlife of Kefalonia. […]

Located in an early 70’s residential building in the center of Athens, on Didotou street, this project is about converting an apartment previously used as an office space, back to its original purpose, this time functioning as a short stay apartment.


“When a client asked us to convert a series of existing office and industrial buildings into apartments, a pivotal issue immediately arose: all of the properties vary in shape, size, height, location, orientation and context; how can we ensure a consistent level of comfort and functionality? […]

“The season of 2021 is dedicated to the anniversary of the historical year of 1821. As a sequence of our previous Bouboulina Capsule Collection, Ancient Kallos is inspired by the Greek Heroine, Bouboulina and the costumes of that era. […]