The Greek Foundation Vol 02


Welcome to The Greek Foundation Volume 02 – an alternative itinerary for the booming urban culture. Marking the next chapter of our ongoing journey to delve deeper into the diverse realms of Greek creative expression, our second printed edition is an invitation to re-think how and where we live.

Although ‘going offline’ has become part of our modern language, encouraging us to race to the suburbs, away from the hustle and bustle of the big metropolitan centers, we choose to stay here. Closer than we’d ever been before. We choose our cities. Pockets of greenery, state of art buildings, light-filled apartments, fresh pieds-à-terre, inspiring spots to hang out with a laptop, new technology, and a sense of innovation found inside the hidden working spaces of Greek creatives are now all gathered in 256 pages. Carefully researched and packed full of inspiring, original stories, our second print edition is a celebration of the bright side of life in the city. Challenging traditional notions of urban living and encouraging readers to reimagine cities as vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive spaces, Vol 02 emphasizes a collective effort towards creating a more livable, modern urban context to live -and breathe- in.

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Materials: Natural linen book hardcover, stitched binding
Features: 256 pages, over 120 original unretouched photographs
Dimensions: 24 x 3 x 31 cm
Language: English

ISBN: 978-618-85970-1-3
Published in June 2023 by The Greek Foundation
An edition of 1000 copies

Printed in Greece

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Dimensions 24 × 3 × 31 cm

The Story


Having one foot in the contemporary world and the other in the purity of the past, the following initiatives came to life through raw materials and unprocessed forms. Appearing strikingly unconventional in their humane context, they give the simplest yet most significant answers to all sorts of questions.


Following a bunch of fresh and promising minds determined to get urban trans- formation right, we bump into special initiatives that represent a new vanguard leading the city’s renewal. Challenging old-world charm and the status quo of the fast-paced capital, these contemporary drives are filled with possibility and green- ery representing a great urban revamp.


Athens’s green spaces provide spots to breathe both inside the city’s perimeter and on its outskirts. Leafy streets, little green injections, contemporary parks and hills offering magnificent views contribute to the city’s great ambition to offer an unbeatably relaxed pace of life.


Celebrating their deepest roots, while seamlessly blending nostalgic charm with contemporary design, these old buildings are lucky enough to now house some brilliant, new-age stories. Reimagining their existing fabrics with stylish interiors, fine tastes, and different uses, the people behind the walls are determined to change not only the way timeworn spaces look but also how they feel.


What makes a perfect bar? We invite you to join us for a drink at four Greek watering holes that have been voted among the World’s 50 Best Bars. Run with passion, commitment, and innovation in mind, the following bars managed to not only get the idea off the ground but take it on a global tour. Sophisticated drinks conceived by well-traveled minds have found a home in the Greek capital, making the city both proud and tipsy.


While exploring the impact of rapid urbanization, we immediately arrive at the result of one indisputable need: to encourage more conversations. Conceiving the city as a shared community resource, we meet with people that are currently working on reimagining the urban fabric in order to create social and sensory experiences, that strive to remain aligned with the DNA of the city.


Drawing on local materials and embellishing useful objects with a heavy dose of design nous, the following selection of creators celebrate all things handmade in the busy city of Athens. They take us on a creative journey from local, raw materi- als to modernity and beyond.


From multi-layered, bright-colored living spaces to fancy wine settings, modern galleries, breweries and new-age bakeries, here are some latest schemes transforming urban neighborhoods. The right mix for lively blocks that breathe a fresher air of urbanization doesn’t always depend on groundbreaking changes. Sometimes, it’s the small gestures of innovation that actually make a neighborhood both livable and lovable. It only takes one great idea at a time.


Offering a dose of urban escapism, a place to gather, and a playground for an inspiring mix of local creatives, The Modernist is a fresh, redefined, and handcrafted hospitality experience for the metropolitan explorers. Every detail here is carefully thought-out, from a good cup of coffee to atmospheric music filling the rooms.


Greece’s creative community is flourishing as well-established designers and design enthusiasts are stepping out of their comfort zones to put the country on the world stage. From New York to Thessaloniki and from downtown Athens to anywhere their plane lands, the following creatives are playing their part in the shaping of the design industry today.


How do we turn a city into a meeting ground of ideas, art, design, and people? Small design updates are proven to bring large-scale changes when seen from different perspectives. And if we say that creativity is something to be learned from the environment we live in, here are some ways to meet the modern city, far from the history books that tell its story.