Apeiros Chora is a hotel located in the center of Zagorochoria, in Epirus and is one of the few buildings in the area that have been fully renovated with respect to the traditional characteristics and history of the region. The main building materials used in the renovation were traditional local stone and wood. The indoor decoration preserved the use of traditional plaster, wooden oak and stone flooring, the pre-existing color differentiations per room, the murals and separators as well as all wooden ceilings and doors. The furnishing additions were carefully chosen to unite the past with the present; as a result, all current furnishings incorporate fully refurbished items that existed in the mansion before the renovation and date back to the late 1800s – early 1900s.

The hotel closely follows the mansion’s past deco, which was a blend of local traditional furniture with influences from European urban furniture. It consists of seven individually decorated unique rooms and offers a wide range of lounges and common areas for guests to relax, such as lounges with traditional fireplaces, study and relaxation areas, a bar, a steam bath and a jacuzzi. The spaces feature large oak timbers and hand-cut stones and weathered metals combined in a rich and colorful rendition of the past, all mixed with a modern elegance. As a whole, Apeiros Chora is a premier destination, delivering to guests the simple luxuries of the past without ignoring today’s basic hosting necessities and demands.