Argalios Guesthouse is located in Donoussa, Cyclades and is open all year round. Its owners are two young people, Elias and Ploumitsa, originally from Donoussa, who have been living permanently on the island for the last 9 years.

Argalios is architecturally inspired by the traditional Cycladic architecture. Cement mortars, restored Donoussian furnitures, traditional wooden frames, large balconies with wonderful views of the Aegean Sea.

For Elias and Ploumitsa their guesthouse is not just accommodation, but a whole philosophy that aims at respecting the landscape, reducing the environmental footprint and offering at the local community. Constructed with respect to the traditional architecture, the guesthouse follows a low-waste lifestyle by recycling, composting, avoiding disposable plastics, water saving and participating in all community projects of environmental and cultural content.

Around Argalios the owners have planted trees, flowers, aromatic plants and a wonderful organic vegetable garden from where they supply guests with organic vegetables for their cooking. Plοumitsa maintains there the workshop of her loom (from where the guesthouse got its name).

For the fans of hiking, the guesthouse offers all the details and necessary information about the trails of the island, while in quiet dark nights Elias is available for a tour of the constellations and nebulae of the Donoussian night!

Argalios is the ultimate place to enjoy a good night’s sleep, relax, taste the most delicious homemade orange jam and feel the real meaning of vacation in a small and unpretentious island such as Donoussa.