Nestled comfortably on the hillside of the medieval village of Pyrgos, Santorinis’ highest village, and boasting a 270-degree wide panoramic view of the northern part of the island, Carpe Diem Suites & Spa is renowned for its unique and minimal aesthetics. What makes Carpe Diem architecturally distinct, yet compatible to the geography of the island is the application of some architectural features and elements found exclusively in Cycladic Architecture, with some contemporary touches to create a private complex of only ten lavish suites with individual plunge pools. The Lapis suites on the ground floor, are dug and built into the earth, with very thick walls, a traditional local building technique for shielding the house from humidity and other weather conditions. Furthermore, the walls, made of black volcanic stone, are in harmony with the Kastelli fortress, which is located at the top of Pyrgos village. Inside the Lapis suites, the built beds, baths and sofas create a unique atmosphere together with the internal window shutters – all elements found in the local Cycladic architecture.

The Alba suites, on the other hand, are painted white, another local architectural habit with an important purpose; to shield the house from heat by reflecting the sun’s radiation. The low, white and thick chimneys, the domes and the flat roofs – which were used to collect rainwater during the old times – dominate and transform the buildings into sets of moving curves. The external and the internal flooring was created using a technique called “patiti tsimentokonia”. Handmade from natural materials and finished with a special paint on top to protect it from wear, it required an extreme level of craftsmanship in order to be completed. The carefully selected lighting across the complex, respects the traditional architecture of the medieval village and allows guests to enjoy stunning, distraction-free viewing angles of the island and the star-filled night sky, whilst ensuring absolute privacy and relaxation. Meanwhile, Althea by Carpe Diem, the boutique private spa, has been designed specifically for couples seeking seclusion and romantic relaxation. The massage, body and facial treatments have been inspired by nature, using exclusively hellenic herbs, plants and fruits to create an unforgettable experience.