Pera Perou’s name reflects all that this seaside oasis has to offer. Literally meaning ‘from here to there and everything in between,’ this haven offers whatever the heart desires.  It is both a private, quiet refuge offering stunning panoramic sea views while being only a stone’s throw away from the shops, restaurants and nightlife of Kefalonia.

The brand new villas (completed in August 2021) were designed by interior designer and owner Kleoniki Androni. Kleoniki was born and raised in Athens, Greece and has always been in love with Kefalonia. Now that she also lives in the island herself, she knew that the main attraction at Pera Perou should be the view.

Pera Perou consists of three separate, completely private villas with a private road access that are situated on a cliff overlooking the turquoise sea.  Its unique location, situated where the mountains meet the sea, allows one to experience both views simultaneously. Each room has been carefully positioned to offer sweeping views of the coast and water.  The location inspires tranquility and peace while it is juxtaposed with the amenities of the village below.

Built using the natural elements of the environment, Kleoniki wanted to retain the rugged, natural beauty of the island while elevating the experience to one of pure luxury.  Each villa is constructed using native stone, preserved wood and organic textiles.  This minimalist aesthetic design creates a timeless feel while the comforts like the fully-stocked kitchen, outdoor stone shower, private infinity pool, jacuzzi and fire pit create an environment of grandeur.  The result is an elegant, private sanctuary where we invite you to relax, be calm and enjoy all the island has to offer.

Customised bath and kitchen furniture designed by Kleoniki from,

Ceramics artist: Chrisa Liarmacopoulou





Images © Ioanna Roufopoulou