In a unique location within the medieval castle of Emporeios in the island of Nisyros comes Sterna, a three space architectural project consisting of the residence, the studio and the turret.

A new proposal fit for all lovers of eclectic residence, aesthetics and art. For everyone who wishes to spend his holiday in a quiet island of long history, which encourages introspection and strongly resists the intense commercialization and mass tourism.

At the same time, Sterna aspires to become a meeting and socializing place for artists from Greece and all around the world. Through its art residency and exhibition programme, Sterna Art Project, it attempts to provide an environment where contemporary creation will interact with the various aspects of Nisyros’ unique environment.

Sterna turret is a traditional two-storey tower next to the residence dating back to the mid 17th Century within the medieval castle of Pantoniki in Emporeios. Like the residence and the studio, its restoration owes its high level and preciseness to the research of photographic archives and to the significant structural and morphological findings of the excavation designed by Greg Haji Joannides and restored by architect Giorgos Tsironis.

Sterna turret has a modern infrastructure, this of the white cube exhibition space, and based on its particular architecture it creates the sense of living indoors and outdoors in 95 sq.m.

The concept comes from upcycling, thus, the reuse of old and used furniture and objects in order to create contemporary design equipment from scratch. The internal courtyard works as an indoor/outdoor kitchen-dining room, a living room installed with Greek kilims of black canvas technique embroidered with vivid and fluo colors from the 19th and 20th centuries. It continuous with a small veranda overlooking Asia minor and the neighboring islands while a few steps down there is a terrace of a lounge area. On the upper floor, the balcony overlooking the crater leads to the bedroom with the traditional bed (moni) and the bathroom.

Architecture: George Theodore Tsironis
Interior Design: Greg Haji Joannides
Images © Panos Kokkinias & Greg Haji Joannides