The Modernist Athens is located in a post-war architecture building, an architectural sample of the mass reconstruction of the ‘50s. The characteristics of this urban building are the clean-cut geometry and strict grid on the facades. The building is divided into Basement, Ground Floor, 6 Typical Floors and Roof Garden. The simple decoration on the facades with plaster and scotias moulding are a characteristic element of the architecture of the time.

The main purpose of our design, in existing buildings, is to understand the architecture and the history of the building, and to connect the outside with the inside.

We decided not to interfere in the typology of the façade. The building exterior is painted in dark shades, to prepare the guests for a series of strong contrast in the materials and colours. In the interior, classic elements and materials of the era of the construction of the building are the link to restore the building and the project as a whole, in today.

Another issue that concerned us is the existing grid of the static carrier (due to the lack of symmetry and the indeterminate columns), creating the challenge of the position of the Lobby and the Reception. The Modernist Athens is not approached as a typical hotel. Services and uses are mixed and create a new spatial planning. From the main entrance and as soon as you climb the stairs you come across to a hub that connects you with the rest of the uses of the hotel and all the routes. The floor plan is divided in two parts, the services section of the hotel and the part of the café that also functions as a breakfast area. A glass wall defines the areas of movement and becomes part of the entrance, a serving bench and a reception. The continuous reflections of one space to another give depth and succeed in letting the outside penetrate. The tones in the lobby remain dark both on the walls and on the materials. The details in bronze elevate the simple lines in a luxurious environment faithful to the design principles of mid-century aesthetics.

The hotel consists of 38 luxury rooms of different sizes, each with its own character and designed to fit individual needs, creating a feeling of pure comfort and relaxation. The 3 XLarge Rooms have their own patio and jacuzzi.

The dense static carrier in each floor is modified. The main challenge was how we could design with the existing grid of the rooms while creating an interesting floor plan. We were led to create recesses and ledges between the rooms.

A clean-cut environment and simplicity in design was the key approach. The natural materials give luxury to the space, Mosaic parquet wooden floors, bronze, marble and leather, all characteristic elements of the building reconstruction era. The interior is a combination of Greek and foreign brands, while many elements are custom-made. The bronze metal details that are combined with brushed embossed veneers are the ones that stand out.

The hard materials of the lobby, such as cast floor, marble, bronze, black glass, that are repeated inside the rooms combined with softer ones, as natural solid oak flooring, a floor seen in 50’s homes, leather headboards, art works, furniture, and the spacious bathrooms compose a unique hospitality experience.

The Modernist Athens is designed in a more flexible way than The Modernist Thessaloniki in terms of interior design, so this enabled us to create more common areas, such as a gym. All facilities follow the style of the other spaces in order to form a whole.

The need for access to the roof led to the redesign of the roof floor. The new roof garden is a space that combines transparency, shade, and natural green. The chosen materials, wooden deck, concrete and sheet metal complement the aesthetics of The Modernist Athens.

Architectural Design: FORMrelated Studio

Design Team: Theodoridis Konstantinos, Papaevangelou Eleni

Collaborators: Stella Moustaka, Menia Kampouri

Building Services: Hotel Engineers


Graphic Design: Post Spectacular Office

Photography: © Ioanna Roufopoulou