Perched on the edge of the caldera in Santorini, Vòra is a handcrafted boutique hotel of three private villas, carved into the caves and cliffs, offering monumental views of the volcano and the Aegean sea from the private plunge pool and terrace of each villa.

Inspired by the volcanic environment, Vora is a celebration of minimalistic Cycladic design, inside and out. The two driving forces behind the concept were the volcanic rock and traditional local vernacular. The idea was to reveal and control the drama and thrill of the site whilst securing guests with comfort, privacy and a relaxed lifestyle. Guests at Vòra will experience a series of carefully choreographed contrasts as the hotel is intense and complex, yet laid out with clarity and designed with authenticity.

Vòra focuses on the details to achieve the perfect balance between the island’s geography, local tradition and contemporary design.

Architecture & Design: K-Studio

Images © Stale Eriksen, Mirto Iatropolou