“Greece and Spetses, have always had a special place in our hearts. After experiencing fastpaced lives in London and Paris with our daughter Athina, we chose to reconnect with the magical Mediterranean region, inherited from our families’ origins.

The island of Spetses saw our beach wedding, and in 2021, the birth of our second and third child: our son Leo, and our guest house, Yayaki Spetses. We met in Switzerland, on the campus of Glion Hospitality School and moved accross the EuroChannel to pursue our careers: Karl in a five star hotel and Hannah in a digital marketing agency.

Both of us share a similar vision of hospitality, combined with a passion for everything connected to wellness, health, spirituality and sustainability. Yayaki is an original concept on the island of Spetses, halfway between a boutique hotel and a family guest house with a green mindset.

As the first vegetarian hotel on Spetses with a strong focus on wellness and plant-based diets, every morning we prepare a homemade, seasonal and fresh breakfast made with organic and local products. Later during the evening, come meet us at the bar with a glass of homemade kombucha or organic Limnos wine, to learn about recommended restaurants, beaches, tips and tricks to discover the island.

“Yayaki” is an homage to our Greek, German, Lebanese and French grandmothers. It is their deeply kind souls, lifestyles and wisdom that surrounded and nourished us. What if Yayaki was also a little unconventional, gifted with humor and full of ideas? Yaya means “grandmother” in Greek. The “ki” is the sweet touch imagined by Hannah and Karl. It is the little nickname Hannah used for the first time as a kid, to call her own grandmother. More than a hotel, Yayaki offers modern travelers a loving home where you are invited to stay just like any member of our extended family.

The renovations started in September 2020 with Mr. Angelo Kappos heading the project, founder and director of NOVICON constructions, in Athens, with more than 30 years’ experience, in Europe. His scope of work included the creation of essential hotel spaces including: a kitchen, a reception / lounge area, an external breakfast area and bar, an indoor yoga studio, a wooden deck around the pool etc.

In addition, everything else was rejuvenated from the ground to the roof, to the highest possible standard with a sensitivity for sustainable equipment, as well as local materials. For the interior design, we collaborated with Stéphane and Pierre-Emmanuel from Maison Hand, based in Lyon, in France. They have translated our vision in order and helped to create a unique, elegant, traditional and modern destination, respecting the Spetses vibe.”

Interior design: MAISON HAND, FR

Building and renovations: NOVICON, GR

Brand identity: BRU & SAN, FR


Images © Pierrick Verny, FR