The Enoteca di Salvatore restaurant is located in Glyfada, Athens, and was designed by 314 Architecture Studio in a way that makes it stand out from its surroundings. The main aim was to fulfill the needs of an all-day Italian restaurant, as well as those of an Italian cafe and an wine bar. An important aspects of the design was to provide adequate shading for the roof openings, along with a small interior space which can host the kitchen, the bar and a number of tables. For these reasons, a unified, non-closed space was introduced, with minor limits between the internal and the external. An indicative boundary is created by a light metal structure on the front space of the restaurant. Materials, such as, acrylic transparent sheets, thin ropes, light fabrics, glass, wood and metal are used in the facade. The lower part is composed of solid pieces of wood, attached on the metal frame. The middle one consists of glass panels, that can be moved vertically in order to fully open all sides of the external space. The acrylic sheets of the top part of the facade achieve a particular effect especially at night, where the radiation of the internal lights creates a self-iluminating effect.

All images courtesy of Panagiotis Voumvakis