The OCC, one of the most prominent cultural institutions in Athens, showcases contemporary cultural expression, supports Greek artists and cultivates international collaborations. The visual identity design of the OCC regarding the season 2017-2018, is based on an expressive, restless, unexpected and disruptive typographic approach. […]


The Athenians Modern Apartments are located in the city of Athens. Between sights such as the National Gardens, the historic central Athens, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and Acropolis, the Athenians Modern Apartments location is ideal for someone who wants to explore Athens, with base point the city’s centre. […]


Fotis Evans was commissioned by Hermès to create a new series of art windows in the brand’s new, flagship store in Hong Kong. Inspired by Freudian Daydreaming, Fotis Evans revises reminiscences of childhood play, films and fantasy tales into kinetic shop windows. […]


On the island of Crete EA Ceramics uses carefully selected materials and glazes to produce ceramic art of exceptional craftsmanship. Many of the pieces incorporate the innovation, functional form and aesthetics of the ceramics created by the ancient civilizations who once inhabited the island. A modern twist gives each artifact a unique spirit of cutting edge design. […]


The Reverse Pickup Table Lamp is a design by Athens-based ADD Architectural Studio, which aspires to reconsider what a table lamp is and what it can become. It was awarded the 2017-2018 SILVER A’ Design Award for the Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category by the International Design Academy. […]


Throughout its long history, olive oil has been used as a beauty “elixir,” with popular experience demonstrating its beneficial effects centuries before it captured the interest of modern researchers. […]


Melima is the new name of a distinguished Greek brand of traditional, handmade delicacies. Its name stands for ‘caring’ and together with the new packaging, was inspired by the love and care in which the products are being prepared. […]


It was February 2011, when the founder of COCO-MAT Paul Evmorfidis with his son Willem, decided to make the Amsterdam-Athens bike tour! During the trip, their metal bikes were ruined often, so Paul decided to create the best bike that would make the difference. […]


Sapfo extra virgin olive oil is a unique olive oil, meticulously collected from the mountains and dry areas of Mytilene, Greece and designed by Chris Trivizas. It is produced by Papadellis, a family business that specializes in the production and processing of olive oil since 1980. The name is inspired by the poetess Sappho, the tenth muse according to Greek Mythology. […]


Fishbone is a carpet made of wool & wood by 157+173 designers. It is the first prototype of the project called Wool(d)en carpets, which are designed with the use of wool and wood and inspired by familiar floor patterns. […]


The recently awarded extra virgin olive oil by Primitive Cyprus, as one of the best olive oils in the world (international contest Flos Olei 2017), and its newly launched brand, are already challenging the conventional view of olive oil packaging design; by looking more like a medicinal product rather than a culinary one. […]


Our modern interiors have become too real. Chairs, carpets, lamps, desks; everything has a clearly defined function. There is not much left to our imagination. As efficiency and functionality grow, living spaces become less personal and intimate. […]