The «3 Caves Villa» is located at the most photographed part of Oia at the Cliffside overlooking the Aegean and the caldera. The original cave-homes that date back in 1987, were unified as one building of 85 square meters and renovated according to the design of Maria Chatzistavrou office, Lime Deco.

In the inner part of the cave, there is a bedroom, which is located overlooking to the main entrance and the day light. Inside the bedroom is the open-air wardrobe with air suspension, which can be autonomous by the use of a white gauze curtain. The room is separated from the communal space with a metallic wall of transparent crystals, which has also shades and privacy features.

The bath is a part of the second and third cave with its two domes and is covered with cement mortar to highlight the natural landscape.

The kitchen, in turn, is a private space with an opening to the living room arch that houses the oak veneer table and unites it inwardly. The kitchen, designed in simple lines, consists of built-in sections with cement mortar and is framed by black metal and wooden shelves in a natural oak.

The flooring has been made of cement screed in beige shades, while the walls are covered with white coat, so that the reflections of light highlight the curvature of the cave’s dome.

The main area consists of the main living room, a relaxing corner with armchairs and a bar. Plants adorn the interiors giving the feeling of liveliness and familiarity. The residence features a private balcony with an outdoor Jacuzzi with a lounge and views of the enchanting caldera.

Natural materials such as bamboo, straw, linen, wood, and metal in black, gold and white have been used for the decoration.

Marias Chatzistavrou office, Lime Deco won the first award for the interior design of the specific house in “Hotel Design Awards 2018” during the 100% Hotel Show exhibition, in Greece. The project was nominated as “The Best Luxury Apartment 2018”.