Minas Kosmidis Architects undertook the design of AKRES restaurant by Lindos’ Acropolis. The restaurant of a 100 sqm. promotes the intersection of the past with the present and of tradition with the modernized image of the island.

Due to this intersection, the design was born, while the existing shell was kept intact so that it could accommodate the modern design approach of the interior. Setting as a goal the perfect harmonization of the restaurant with the landscape, the rough surfaces, the earthy colors and the warm lighting were chosen to manifest Lindos’ aura. Wood, marble and metal elements which are found in the composition, converse with the existing building, evoke memories and act as reinforcements in creating a unique spatial experience.

Entering the restaurant, the visitor becomes part of a narrative as, at the entrance they meet the bar and the preparation kitchen, where its metal divider reveals part of the process. Continuing his path, the visitor is led through the staircase to the rooftop where the view to the imposing citadel of Lindos appears. AKRES was designed from the beginning, having as a main reference the architectural identity of the place. The simplicity of the composition and the purity of the ingredients are in line with the philosophy of the local cuisine which has a leading role. As in the kitchen, the elements and materials of the composition start from their simplest raw natural form, to end up with a detailed design and elaborate proposal.

Architectural Design: Minas Kosmidis Architects Project Architect: Christos Kaligos
Brand Identity: Newness Agency
Images © Stefanos Tsakiris