Housed in the three lower levels of a prestigious, late 1960’s apartment building, this Embassy is an elegant, open and multifunctional space, a ‘storefront’ for Belgium right in the heart of Athens. Behind the full height, clear structural facade with its foldable protective screen, a lighting strip negotiates the transition between outside and inside. During after hours, the illuminated glazing marks the embassy’s presence and literally lights the passageway with the colors of Belgium. Open, transparent and interactive, the facade has also been designed to withstand acts of vandalism and security threats. The interiors aims at creating a welcoming, open, well-defined public space that can flexibly cater for various events and uses, divided into three zones: the front entrance, the Receptionist’s Office and the Security Portal, and the staircase area. White marble, grey ‘Eternit’ panels, clear bullet-proof glazing and stainless steel finishes have been chosen to ensure elegance, durability and performance.

Images © Charalambos Louizides